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From viking runestones, an iconic nobleman's castle & historic farmhouses to pristine forest trails,
secluded waterways, diverse wildlife & loads of leisure activities, Bogesundslandet
is a 28.9 km2 peninsula paradise at the gateway to a 30000-island archipelago. Close to Stockholm, it is easily accessed by car, motorcycle, bike, bus & ferry.
Just nearby to explore & enjoy. Sweden's beautiful Bogesundslandet.
Bogesund Viking Rune Stone SwedenBogesund Castle behind water SwedenBogesund Forest Sweden

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Bogesunds Nature Reserve

Bogesundslandet nature reserve was formed in 2015. Covering an area of ​​4341 hectares, of which 2895 hectares are land, it also includes a stunning EU Natura 2000 protected area. Managed by Statens fastighetsverk (SFV), this patch of natural Swedish paradise is studded with pristine woodlands, marshes, wetlands, rocky outcrops, coastal stretches and hidden inlets that attract an abundance of wildlife. Its bird diversity is renowned and species such as deer, hare, wild boar, badger and beaver are relatively common. And, every now and then over the years, sightings have been made of elk and lynx.

Bogesund Nature Reserve Sweden
Bogesund Deer Nature Reserve Sweden

Where all things live the wild life

Originally called Bogösund with over a handful of Viking Age settlements, Bogesund today is a sparsely populated peninsula of forests, fields and farmhouses with a small number of residential enclaves. One constant throughout has been the beautiful natural landscape and its fascinating wildlife that remains plentiful and diverse. Including a nature reserve and EU Natura 2000 area, venturing out into the wild here is a journey of discovery rich with rewards whether you take a trail or go by sea.

Bogesund Walking Trail Map Sweden

Get safely lost in an extensive trail network 

Active walkers and day-trippers alike can make their way along the vast network of posted trails that zig-zag throughout Bogesundslandet. There are ten main routes and numerous smaller tracks  with so much to stop and do as you go. Be prepared of course as Sweden's weather can change quickly, but with a map and following the well-signed trails, getting around is safe and easy enough to negotiate. SFV's easy-to-use Bogesundslandet map with trails, topography, places of interest and parking is available below.

Bogesund Lake Nature Reserve Sweden

So much to do in a natural wilderness

Bogesundslandet is an idyllic environment for recreation with a range of outdoor activities to enjoy all year round. Just get up and go as there's something for everyone from walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, boating and fishing to hunting, picking mushrooms & berries, camping, picnicking, bird-watching, horse riding, touring and much more. The area also features a cafe by the castle, restaurant, 18-hole golf course, riding school, hostel, accommodation and guided tours.

Per Brahe the Younger, 1603 - 1680, is an icon in Swedish history and was one of her great aristocrats when the empire emerged as a European power. A soldier, a statesman and a friend to King Gustav II Adolf, Per Brahe was fighting the Poles in Prussia when in 1628 the famous warship Vasa sank on its maiden voyage. He returned to serve during Sweden's Great Power period as Privy Councillor, a Governor-General of Finland and later an influential Regent advising boy-king Charles XI. On what was his father Abraham's farmland estate, Brahe began building Bogesund Castle in 1640. The ambitious project resembling a manor house was four stories high with grand rooms, panoramic views, beautiful gardens and a huge coterie of staff. He spent long, fruitful periods in Finland; rested, hunted and entertained at Bogesund; and held court with kings and a queen as Sweden battled to control the Baltic and keep her enemies at bay. Brahe married Christina Stenbock siring five children. She died in 1650 and he remarried with Beata De La Gardie in 1653. Per Brahe the Younger passed away at his beloved Bogesund Castle in 1680. While Lord High Steward of Sweden, he died aged 78 in an upstairs bedroom where throughout his dramatic life he had long cherished the commanding view that to this day remains breathtaking.
Bogesund Castle Sweden

Bogesund Castle

Aristrocrat and advisor to kings, Count Per Brahe the Younger built a castle on a hill that since 1640 has overlooked the region. In the grand scheme of things, Bogesund Castle was more a tall, stately, country manor house with medieval turrets and gothic grandeur added in 1864-67. Maintained by SFV, the castle's evocative profile and magical setting reveal a mostly-original, 40+-room interior that's one of only a few from Sweden's early-Great Empire era to remain largely intact. Passed down for centuries by the Brahes, Hamiltons and von Rosens, it was the negligent custodianship of Baron Nils von Lantingshausen von Höpken that saw the castle's grandeur fade. This provoked a national scandal and an inglorious end to private ownership. Along with tall tales and ghosts past, its near-400 years of epic history lives on. Revered, neglected, looted then rescued, Bogesund Castle endures, intrigues and inspires. For details about weekend guide tours visit

Bogesund Hostel Vandrahem Castle View Sweden

Bogesund Hostel

Just by Bogesund Castle, surrounded by forest and sea, lies an inviting hostel and conference centre, Bogesunds Slottsvandrarhem. A place of rest and recreation for travellers and families, while a peaceful and inspirational setting for groups, businesses and organisations, Bogesunds Slottsvandrarhem while not far from Stockholm seems a world away. Backdropped by the castle, apple orchards and horse fields, two buildings contain 22 double rooms, a DIY kitchen, lounge rooms and a dining room serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on request. There are bikes to rent, walks to take and beaches to swim; while the onsite grounds, the nature and the facilities are family-friendly. Right beside the forest, two separate and well-equipped conference centres plus a sauna are ideal for groups of up to 20 and 50 respectively to relax, focus and refresh. For further information, enquires and bookings visit

Bogesund Lada Barn Sweden

The Lada

In the dell below Bogesund Castle between Parkvillan, Bogesunds Slottsvandrarhem and the forest is a beautiful old barn, or lada in Swedish. Part of an extensive farm within the castle estate, the Lada with its steep gabled roofline and perfectly-rustic barn hall has become synonymous with the tranquil surroundings. After a long history of storing food, sheltering animals and no doubt garaging a tractor or two, the lada was revived with its country character retained and is now a special venue for special events. Weddings with couples and guests coming from all over the world to experience a perfect day beside picture-postcard Bogesund Castle are popular. Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and confirmations are welcome, as are a variety of groups and clubs such as cycling, motorbiking and car clubs. And, in December, there's an ever-growing Christmas Market. For further information, enquires and bookings visit

Café Parkvillan

Parkvillan built c1890 and its surrounding treed grounds have for over a decade been the site for a café unique with its combination of home-baked goods, historic ambience and fairytale outlook to Bogesund Castle. Café Parkvillan operates within the charming original interior of the former Head Gardener's residence and also outside with tables spread across a terrace and lawn under the canopy of magnificent trees. Views up Slotts Allé to horse pastures, a botanical tree park and the castle are magical from all areas. Easy to access with ample parking on the edge of the forest, Café Parkvillan is family, bike and dog-friendly serving a delicious selection of homemade Swedish bulle, cakes, sandwiches and light lunch options. A relaxed and welcoming weekend cafe with extended summer days and hours, Café Parkvillan is the perfect place to unwind with a Swedish fika and savour scrumptious food, endless coffee and a glass of wine along with a timeless atmosphere, peaceful milieu and vista to Bogesund Castle. Details including opening times are available at

Bogesund Cafe Parkvillan Exterior Sweden

Trail Blazing

What you do on the kilometres of trails that wind their way through forest and past sea is one of the great attractions of Bogesundslandet. Anything is possible and almost anyone can do it. From a short walk between the castle and cafe to a weekend hiking and camping or mountain-biking, Sweden's natural beauty and rich heritage are on display all year round for everyone to enjoy. Hiking and cycling trails crisscross the landscape catering to a range of different abilities. There are ten main hiking trails that start gently with the 2-kilometre Råholmastigen trail that takes you past the Råholmen rest place by the water to the Holmingeviken inlet. Dissecting Bogesundslandet from top to toe is the 12-kilometre Blåleden while scattered around are the Stortallsrunden (9.9km), Frösviksrunden (7.1km) and Lilla Slottsrunden (3.3km) with numerous others spanning 4 to 11-kilometres. Designated cycling trails extend seemingly everywhere and if you're more interested in jogging or horse riding, there are designated trails for those too. Walking is the way to go for most visitors here, though if you're more adventurous, you can blaze your own trail discovering all of Bogesundslandet's hidden gems.

Bogesund Castle Aerial View Sweden

Guided Tours

Discover the fascinating history and natural beauty of Bogesundslandet by guided tour. Archeologist Mikaela Lodén will take you to viking landmarks and secret nooks and crannies, as well as inside Bogesund Castle hunting ghosts, while tours of the castle are offered by experienced and knowledgable guides. Info at and

Bogesund Bike Rental Cafe Parkvillan Sweden

Bike Rental

Peddle power is a great way to get around Bogesundslandet and if you don't have your own bike, they are easy to rent. Bogesunds Slottsvandrarhem has bikes available for its guests and in Vaxholm, just a few minutes' walk from the ferry, Vaxholm Cykeluthyrning at the Skout store rent out bicycles. Details can be found at  

Bogesund Nature Reserve Swimming Sweden

Swimming Spots

Cooling off on a warm day in the waters around Bogesundslandet is one of life's little pleasures. Walking trails are one of the best ways to discover the area's hundreds of isolated swimming spots and there is a sandy beach located near Bogesund Castle that has a car park. Perfect for a dip in an enticing natural landscape, the sea around here is cool, fresh and safe for all ages.  

Bogesund Nature Reserve Camping Sweden

Happy Camping

Pack a tent and pick a spot as there are a number of wonderful camping places at Bogesundslandet. Its natural environs are bursting with life and there is no better way to experience nature than up close and personal camping. You can find campgrounds for caravans and tents, and remote shelters with BBQs and firewood. Info at and

Bogesund Nature Reserve Walking Trail Sign SwedenBogesund Castle Flag SwedenBogesund Castle Exterior SwedenBogesund Vintage Car Club Meeting SwedenBogesund Castle From Slotts Alle Sweden
Bogesund Tree Avenue Walking SwedenBogesund Cafe Parkvillan Winter Ice SwedenBogesund Sunset Wine On The Water SwedenBogesund Jetty Sign SwedenBogesund Cafe Parkvillan From The Grass Sweden

Where & How

Bogesundslandet is 14km north-east of central Stockholm

  • Road

    From Stockholm - 31.5km taking the E18N to the 185 Exit then right along the 274 towards Vaxholm. After 8km approx. turn right to Bogesund Naturreservat and take Pålsundsvägen or continue to Circle K Vaxholm and turn right following Pålsundsvägen

  • Ferry

    From Stockholm - Waxholmsbåt or Cinderella take around 1 hour to Vaxholm

  • Bus

    From Stockholm - about 40 minutes on the blue 670 to Vaxholm. The red 681 Rydbo-Vaxholm-Rydbo bus follows Pålsundsvägen through Bogesundslandet between the 274 road and Vaxholm

  • Vaxholm

    Off the main Vaxholm's road (274) a bridge behind Circle K directly connects Bogesundslandet at Pålsundsvägen 

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